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Concussion Prevention Awareness

·         Supporting Concussion Recovery & Awareness in Etters, PA

At #ConcussedLife, we want you to be aware of the devastating effects of concussions. We strive to bring concussion awareness to the forefront. We value your financial support as we raise money for education, research, and concussion recovery efforts.

We're a national organization based in Etters, Pennsylvania. #ConcussedLife serves people nationwide. We're a family-operated organization with firsthand experience of how concussions affect individuals and impact entire families. This knowledge helps us explain how to prevent concussions, what to expect after an injury, and how to proceed with recovery.

Mission statement

To raise awareness, educate, and provide research for concussion recovery and to research the link between concussions and epilepsy.

Help us spread the word about concussion prevention with your generous donation.

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Learn to identify the signs of a concussion.

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Get involved and learn about concussion recovery and rehabilitation.

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